A selection of verse novels for grown-ups.

Shout- Laurie Halse Anderson 2019
MEMOIR - Although shelved in YA nonfiction, I feel that readers of all ages will find inspiration in Anderson's journey from rape survivor to award-winning author and speaker.

John Brown's Body - Stephen Vincent Benet 1928
Pulitzer Prize winning an epic American poem about John Brown, the abolitionist who lead the unsucessful raid of the federal armory in Harpers Ferry, Virginia.

The Marlow Papers - Ros Barber 2013
On May 30, 1593, a celebrated young playwright was killed in a tavern brawl.

Sharp Teeth - Toby Barlow 2008
A horror-thriller-werewolves-in-LA epic poem.

Aurora Leigh - Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1856
A dramatic tale of the life of a poet, her cousin, and his romantic interests.

Autobiography of Red - Ann Carson 1999
An updated retelling of the myth of Geryon--a monster--and Herakles.

Watercolor Women, Opaque Men - Ana Castillo 2005
An independent woman raises her son on her own while remembering her migrant-worker parents and the free-spirited aunt who brought her to Chicago.

The House on Mango Street - Sandra Cisneros 1991
Esperanza comes of age in Chicago.

Evangeline, a Tale of Arcadie - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1847
A beautiful epic poem about Evangeline and her betrothed, Gabriel, as they are deported from Nova Scotia.

Darlington's Fall- Brad Leithauser 2012
Forty years of Russel Darlington's life takes you from Indiana at the turn on the 20th century, over the Rockies and to an island in the Pacific.

The Princess Saves Herself in This One- Amanda Lovelace 2017
MEMOIR - A little more of a poetry collection than novel. The four parts include: the princess, the damsel, the queen, and you. The first three sections piece together the life of the author while the final section serves as a note to the reader.

Ludlow - David Mason 2010
HISTORICAL - Coal miners in southern Colorado were kicked out of their company-owned homes and move into a tent community. They hold out until the Ludlow Massacre of April 1914.

The Sugar Mile - Gyln Maxwell 2006
HISTORICAL - Former Londoner, Joey, unfolds a tale of 1942 air raids while sitting in a New York City bar in September 2001.

The Monkey's Mask - Dorothy Porter 1997
AUSTRALIAN - On the trail of the murderer, Jill falls hopelessly in love with a crucial piece of the puzzle and uncovers the hypocrisy of the poetry scene in Sydney.

All the Way Home - Kristen Henry 2012
AUSTRALIAN/HISTORICAL - Set in the 1960's, Jessie, an American, and Flannery, with strong ties to Ireland, find themselves in Australia.

Triangles - Ellen Hopkins 2011
Three women, Holly, Andrea, and Marissa, wander off course, straying from their families—sometimes into the arms of another.

Collateral - Ellen Hopkins 2012
Ashley, a young woman studying for her MFA, falls in love with Cole, a soldier who asks her to marry him.

The Long Take: A noir narrative - Robin Robertson 2018
Walker is a D-Day veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder. He turns to urban America to piece his life together at a time when the country is splitting apart.

The Wherewithal - Philip Schultz 2015
Henryk hides from the draft of Vietnam at a job in the basement of a government building with his mother's journal of the Jebwabne Massacre and notes from his deceased predecessor.

The Golden Gate - Vikram Seth 1986
The intertwined lives of four California Yuppies told in sonnets.

Nine Hours North - Tim Sinclair 2006
AUSTRALIAN - A tale of culture, identity and love… and letting it all go.

The Hunchback of Nieman Marcus, A Novel About Marriage, Motherhood, and Mayhem - Sonya Sones 2011
The opposite of a YA novel, Holly's daughter is leaving for college while her mother is hospitalized. Amid hot flashes and doubts, she must finish writing her novel and manage to stay married.

The Wynona Stone Poems - Caki Wilkinson 2014
Wynona is about to lose her job, doesn't love the man she's with, and everything she tries falls short.