A special thanks to Ann Guldemond who has made this show possible by renting the show hall at the First Presbyterian Church of Mt. Clemens. Thanks to Judy Armstrong for opening and closing the hall for us.
Thank you Lynda Gillette for listing the show on!


Donations of model-horse related prizes, horsey items, and gifty things will be accepted for the raffle. Let me know what you will be bringing for a shout out or bring an item on the day of the show if you wish. Donations to the raffle will help pay for the show ribbons.


Paper flats will be given out for first through 6th place. These are custom designed and printed on glossy card stock. Easily write your horse's name on the back.

Custom rosettes and double-layered flat ribbons from Hodges Badge Company will be awarded to champions and reserves. Handmade wood coasters/plaques will be awarded to breed and decorator/fantasy champions and reserves. Goodie bags for Little Mitten Showers, judges, and helpers

New WIA Brigitte Eberl Edition (1:18 scale) Gustav in Bay imported from Germany

2010 NIB Big Lex Breyer Sculpture on base

Breyers (High Tide, American Pharoah and Morgan in pearly grulla)!

New with tag CollectA (pre-Breyer) Fjord!

Horsey Books!

More Horsey Books (Complete 4-book set of Horse Images for Artist's Inspiration and Reference!

Stablemate gift basket stocked with seven Breyers Custom printed tee with Cantering Michigan Appaloosa art (XXL)

Stablemate Easy-Pack Pony Pouches (Nine pouches for foals to large customs so your minis can travel to shows in coordinating colors.)


Breyer Stablemate Horse Crazy Blind Bag Surprise Series 2 #97261 Pink Icelandic Horse with Easy-Pack Pony Pouch with Pocket