Little Mitten Plastic Classic is a NAN Qualifying Show.

Little Mitten Plastic Classic Entry Form


FOR A PDF SHOW PACKET, click here.

All models must be plastic! No china, resin, or pewter models. Customs must originate from a plastic model and not have more than 2/3rds resin or pewter parts. For extreme customs, please provide documentation (or an OF model) of the make and mold of the original model.

Four horses per shower per class. One breed class per horse. One lunch class per horse. One equine decorator/fantasy class per horse.

Classes with more than 15 models may be split at the judge's discretion.

Large classes my be stringed so that the judge can see the models better. If your class has been stringed and your model has been designated to be removed, please pick up your model in a timely manner.

Any model left on the table after its class has been judged may be moved to the pony pound at the judge's discretion. Any model left in the pony pound at the end of the show will be going home with Sarah. Please arrange for pick up at a later date. Models will not be mailed.

If your model has won first or second place it will go back on the table to be judged for a champion or reserve. Please bring your ribbon up with the model. If your model won a champ or reserve it will be called back for overall at the end of the division. Please bring your ribbon(s) up with the model.

All models must have a tag. Tags will have breed and gender on one side and the horse's name and owner's initials on the other. Tags must be "breed and gender" side up for judging. White tags are preferred.

New showers and experienced showers who choose to participate will be seated near one another to share showing tips.

Raffle item donations are appreciated. Raffle tickets will be available for sale on the day of the show. Raffle items will be drawn in the afternoon. You do not need to be present to win as long as we can read your name on your ticket. You can arrange to pick up your items from Sarah at a later date. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.

New paper business-card size glossy "ribbons" with a custom imprint will be given for places 1-6. New double-layer flat ribbons with custom imprints will be given to champs and reserves of each breed sub-division and in the lunch classes (first and second place). New custom imprinted rosettes will be given to overall champs/reserves in breed divisions and fantasy/decorator division.
Other prizes may be awarded depending on show attendance and donations.

This is an open show. Showers will be able to reserve a table on a first-come-first-serve basis. A waitlist will be kept if the show hall is full. To let showers know about the show there will be social media posts on Facebook (including Michigan Show Series Group) and Instagram, a website (, listing on, Model Horse Sales Pages, and Model Horse Place, posters at local Breyer dealers and barns, announcements and/or fliers at 2022 live shows in MI and OH.

Show results will include first and second place models as well as champions and reserves. Results will be available online and via email no later than October 24, 2022.


(a noun) "fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest: she displayed great sportsmanship in defeat | the spirit of sportsmanship was not lost between the two teams." Showers and guests not exhibiting sportsmanship will be asked to leave. Fees will not be refunded.

The following divisions will run at the same time:
OF BREYER MINI BREED DIVISION (Paddock Pal/Stablemate/Mini Whinny)
CM MINI BREED DIVISION (Stablemate/Mini Whinny)
First and second breed class placings will receive green NAN cards.

Lunch classes will run during the lunch break from approximately noon to 1 pm. Lunch classes 4-7 will receive yellow NAN cards. Lunch classes 1-3 are not NAN card classes.

MOST LOVED MODEL: For "carpet herd" models that have seen it all. If it has rubs or breaks from being loved too much, enter it here. (No NAN cards)
WORKMANSHIP/FINISH WORK BY OWNER AMATEUR: This class is for models you customized and/or painted. No collaborations. An amateur is a person who engages in a pursuit on an unpaid rather than a professional basis. If you have ever sold a model for money, please enter the next class. (No NAN cards)
WORKMANSHIP/FINISH WORK BY OWNER PROFESSIONAL: For models by you! For artists who have sold their work for money.(No NAN cards)
VINTAGE CUSTOM (PRE-1990): If you know the year, original mold, original name, and artist, please include in your documentation. Haired models welcome. Cracks and breaks are okay. (NAN Yellow card)
VINTAGE OF (ANY MAKE PRE-1980): Please include manufacturer, year, and run size in your documentation. (NAN Yellow card)
CM FAUX OF: For customs made to look like original finish. Seams/logos okay. Any make. Any color. (NAN Yellow card)
CM ETCHED: For customs made by removing factory paint. Seams/logos okay. Any make. Any color. (NAN Yellow card)

OF OTHER PLASTIC includes all other plastic model horse manufacturers. Please show your Schleich, Copperfox, WIA, Breyer CollectA line, Hartland, Papo, Blue Ribbon, Safari, Mojo, Marx, Royal Breeds, Julip, and others here. These may have soft hair. They can be any size. These will start after OF STONE CLASSES.

OF ALL MAKES EQUINE DECORATOR/FANTASY will not receive NAN cards. These will start after OF BREYER BREED CLASSES.

CM EQUINE DECORATOR/FANTASY will be eligible for NAN qualification in the workmanship division. CM/AR Fantasy Equine entries will be judged based on the artistry of the sculpture, lack of prepping and painting flaws, overall presentation, and believability of the creature's biomechanics. These classes will start after the CM division.

Fantasy Equine eligibility is limited to equine-based fantasy models such as Equine Unicorns, Pegasus, Hippocampus, Hippogriff, Thestral, Zombie Horse, Skeletal Horse, or other fantasy equines which depict a creature that is at least 50% equine in form. Determination of the 50% compliance for equine creatures is decided by the judge. Approval of the 50% compliant equine models at the local show level does not guarantee eligibility at NAN. Creatures that have partial human anatomy or anatomy similar to humans are not allowed even if they are more than 50% equine.

A person may not show and judge in the same division at a NAN-Qualifying Show. A division is defined as one or more grouped classes such as “OF Breyer Plastic”.

A judge may not judge any model that he/she has worked/collaborated on. A judge may not judge any model which he/she owns or has owned within the last six months. A judge may not judge models owned by relatives of the judge. A judge may not judge any models owned by any individual who co-owns one or more models with that judge. This means that on rare occasions a shower may be asked not to show a specific model. Last-minute changes to the judges' roster cannot be made to accommodate a model.

NAN entry qualifications earned at NAMHSA member shows are provided to entrants in the form of NAN cards. These cards are now the only proof of a model’s NAN qualification. Show entrants will be responsible for filling out the class/horse information on the card.


All Mustangs: American Mustang, Kiger Mustang, Cerbat Mustang, Pryor Mountain Mustang, Spanish Mustang.

Other Stock Breeds: American White Horse/Creme Horse, Australian Stock Horse, Australian Brumby, and Bashkir Curly. For this show, please place your Native North American Breeds, such as Camarillo White Horse, Cayuse, Colorado Ranger, Moyle, and Nokota, in other stock breeds. Place Friesian x Appaloosas in Friesian cross class.

Other Light Breeds: Abyssinian, Andravida, Barb (not Spanish) Bulichi, Calabrese, Cumberland Island Horse, Djerma, Dongola, Hirzai, Iomud, Karabair, Karacabey, Kathiawari, Maremmano, Marwari, Moroccan Barb, Murghese, Novokirghiz, Qatgani, San Fratello, Tawleed, Turkoman, Unmol, and Ventasso.

America Gaited Breeds: Kentucky Saddle Horse, McCurdy Plantation Horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, North American Single-Footer, Racking Horse, Rocky Mountain Horse, Spotted Saddle Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse, Tennuvian, Virginia Highlander, Walkaloosa. (NOTE: Carolina Marsh Tacky and Florida Cracker Horse go in Spanish Gaited. Georgian Grandes and Friewalkers go in Friesian cross.)

Part-Arabian Breeds: Ara-Appaloosa, Morab, National Show Horse, Pintabian, and Quarab. (NOTE: Please put Anglo-Arabs and Shagya Arabians in other sport and Turbo Friesians in Friesian Cross.)

Other Spanish Breeds: Abaco Barb, American Indian Horse, Andalusian/PRE/Carthusian/Cartujano, Azteca, Chilean Corralero/Chilean Horse, Choctaw Horse/Pony, Criollo, Extremeno, Hispano-Arab (aka Peninsula Horse), Llanero Horse, Lipizzaner, Losino, Menorquina, Pantaneiro Horse, Sorraia, Spanish Barb, Spanish Sulphur Horse/Sulphur Springs Horse, Wilbur Cruce Mission Horse, and Zapatero.

Gaited Spanish Breeds: Campeiro/Marchador das Araucárias, Campolina, Castilian, Carolina Marsh Tacky, Costeno/Morochuco, Florida Cracker Horse, Mangalarga Marchador, Pampas Horse, Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, Spanish Jennet (please note if Historical or Recreated) and Tiger Horse.

European Warmbloods: Austrian, Belgian, Budyonny, Czech, Danish, Dutch, East Bulgarian, Finnish Universal, Hungarian, Irish Draft, Irish Warmblood, Kinsky, Kisber Felver, Knabstrup, Latvian Warmblood, Malopolski, Rottaler, Russian Don, Salernitano (aka Salerno), Selle Francais, Swedish, Swiss, Tchernomor (aka Chernomor), Ukrainian Riding Horse, Wielkopolski, Zangersheide.

German Warmbloods: Bavarian Warmblood, Brandenberger, Hanoverian, Holstein, Mecklenburg, Oldenburg, Rhinelander/Zweibrucker, Trakehner, Westfalen and Wurttemberg.

Friesian Cross: Fire Friesians, Gypsian, Turbo Friesian (Arab x Friesian) Friewalker, Imperial Heritage Horse (Friesian x Appaloosa) Warlander (Friesian x Spanish), Georgian Grande, and Baroque/Barock Horse.

Other Sport: Akhal Teke, American Warmblood, Anglo-Arabian, Anglo-Kabarda, Appaloosa Sport Horse, Australian Waler, British Appaloosa Canadian Pacer, Dole Trotter, French Trotter, Gidran Arabian, Gidran Sport Horse, Heihe, Indian Half-Bred, Israeli Horse, Kabarda (aka Kabardin), Karabakh, Kushum, Kustanair/Kustani, Metis Trotter (aka Russian Trotter), Nez Perce Horse, Novokirghiz, Orlov Trotter, Pleven, Russian Riding Horse, Sanhe, Sardinian, Shagya Arabian, Spanish Norman, Tersk, Tori (Sport Horse), Uzunyayla, Waler, and Xilingol.

Carriage Breeds: Belorussian Harness Horse, Cleveland Bay, Dutch Harness Horse, Ostfriesen/Alt-Oldenburger, Frederiksborg, Gelderlander, Groningen,Hackney Horse, Kladruber, Latvian Horse (Harness Type), Moriesian, Nonius, Norman/Normandy Cob, and Vlaamperd.

American Draft: American Belgian, American Cream Draft, American Drum Horse (Drum Horse, Gypsy Drum), Canadian Horse North American Spotted Draft, and Sugarbush Harlequin Draft/Sendera Draft.

European Draft: Abtenauer, Ardennes, Auxios, Belgian (aka Brabant), Black Forest Horse, Boulonnais, Breton, Comtois, Danubian, Dolahest (aka Dole Gudbrandsdal & Dole), Dutch Heavy Draft, Estonian Draft, Finnish Draft, Frances-Montagnes (aka Frieberger), Furioso, Italian Heavy Draft, Jutland, Latvian Horse (Draft Type), Lithuanian Heavy Draft, Mulassier (aka Poitevin), Murakozi (Hungary), Noriker, North Swedish Draft, Percheron, Rhineland Draft, Russian Heavy Draft, Schleswig Heavy Draft, Sokolsky, Soviet Heavy Draft, Swedish Ardennes, Tori (draft type), Trait du Nord, Vladimir Heavy Draft, and Zhemaichu (aka Zhumdka).

British Isles Draft: Clydesdale, Shire, Suffolk Punch.

European Pony: Icelandic, Albanian, Ariegeois, Astercon (aka Asturian & Galician), Avelignese Pony, Balearic, Bardigiano Pony, Bashkir Pony, Basque Pony (aka Pottock), Bosnian Pony, Camargue, Carpathian Pony (aka Hucul), Cretan (aka Messara), Dulman Pony, Estonian Horse, Faeros, French Saddle Pony, Galician pony (aka Asturian & Astercon), Garrano, German Riding Pony, Gotland Pony (aka Skorgruss), Hackney Pony, Haflinger, Konik Pony, Landais Pony, Lyngshest (aka Nordlandshest), Manchurian, Merens Pony, Nordlandshest/Lyngshest/Northlands Pony, Norwegian Fjord, Ob (aka Priob), Peneia Pony, Pindos (aka Thessalian), Sardinian Pony, Sykros Pony, Viatka Pony, Yakut, and Zemaitukai Pony.

American Pony: American Shetland Pony (all divisions), American Walking Pony, Assateague Pony, Banker Pony (aka Shackleford), Blazer Horse, Chincoteague Pony, Falabella, Galiceno Pony (Mexico) Miniature Horse, Newfoundland Pony, Paint Pony, Petiso Argentino, Pony of the Americas, Quarter Pony, Sable Island Pony, and Welara Pony. Please put Vanner ponies in the Gypsy Vanner class.

Other Pony: Altai, Anadolu (aka Ati), Balikun, Batak Pony, Bhutia (aka Spiti) Pony, Burmese Pony (aka Shan), Caspian Pony Cheju, Chinese Guoxia Pony, Flores (aka Timor), Gayoe, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hequ/Nanfan, Hokkaido, Java Pony (aka Kuningan), Jinzhou, Kazakh Pony, Kiso, Kyrgyz Horse, Lijiang, Lokai, Manipuri Pony, Misaki, Miyako, Noma, Sandalwood Pony, Sumba (aka Sumbawa), Syrian Pony, Taishuh, Tibetan Pony, Tokara, Yangi, Zaniskari, Yili, Basotho (aka Basuto), Fleuvre (aka Fouta & M’Bayar), Kirdi, Nooitgedacht, Poney Mousseye, Australian Pony, and Kaimanawa.

Vanner Cobs and Ponies: aka Gypsy Cobs, Irish Tinker, Coloured Cob, Tinker Horse. Please include pony-sized Vanners.

British Isles Native Breeds (Ponies and Cobs): British Spotted Pony, Connemara Pony, Dales Pony, Dartmoor Pony, Eriskay Pony, Exmoor Pony, Fell Pony, Highland Pony, Kerry Bog Pony, Lundy Pony, New Forest Pony, Shetland Pony, and Welsh Pony/Cob (All Section A, B, C & D).

Longears/Exotics: Asian/Asiatic Wild Horse, Balis, Burro, Donkey, German Heck Horse, Kiangas, Mongolian, Mules (All Types), Onager, Przewalski/Takhi, Tarpan, Zebra/Quagga, Zebroid (Zedonk, Zorse, Zony, etc.) For this show, please place extinct equids (Mesohippus, Neohipparion, Eohippus, Equus scotti, and Hypohippus) in this class.