Easy to pick up and hard to put down, these middle grade (sometimes called young reader or juvenile fiction) verse novels are great for reluctant readers because there are fewer words on each page, and avid readers who enjoy complex, emotional stories. Please note that some of the Australian and UK titles may be hard to find in bookstores in the US.

Novels in Verse for middle grade readers

Izzy Kline Has Butterflies - Beth Ain 2018
First day of school jitters, new friends, an audition . . . How many butterfly-worthy problems can Izzy take?

A Cure for Cold Feet - Beth Ain 2018
Izzy tackles middle school and all the shifting dynamics that come with it.

Door of No Return - Kwame Alexander 2022
HISTORICAL - It’s 1860 in West Africa where eleven-year-old Kofi loves to swim. When his older brother dies in a wrestling match, Kofi’s world is tuned on end. What happens next will send him on a harrowing journey to America.

Black Star - Kwame Alexander 2024
HISTORICAL - The Door of No Return Series continues with Kofi’s granddaughter, Charley. She dreams of becoming first female pitcher to play professional baseball. But tensions are about to boil over in her segregated town.

Booked - Kwame Alexander 2016
Twelve-year-old soccer player Nick deals with problems at home, stands up to a bully, and tries to impress the girl of his dreams.

Rebound - Kwame Alexander 2018
HISTORICAL -Charlie Bell spends the summer with his grandparents where he discovers basketball and learns about his family's past in this prequel to The Crossover.

The Crossover - Kwame Alexander 2014
Josh and his twin brother Jordan are awesome on the court and can bust some serious rhymes. When misunderstandings and a girl come between them, only tragedy can bring them back together.

What Snail Knows - Kathryn Apel 2022
AUSTRALIAN - Lucy and Dad move a lot, so it’s hard to make friends. Lucy’s glad she has Snail, the perfect pet. If only she had her own shell to hide in every time she started at a new school.

Too Many Friends - Kathryn Apel 2019
AUSTRALIAN - What happens when all of Tahnee’s friends want her attention at the same time?

Bully on the Bus - Kathryn Apel 2015
AUSTRALIAN - When the bully on the bus taunts seven-year-old Leroy he turns to The Big Bad Book of Fairytales.

On Track - Kathryn Apel 2015
AUSTRALIAN - Toby struggles at school, and sports. He thinks that Sports Day is the worst day of the year. His brother, Shaun, is top of his class and does everything better. He can't wait for Sports Day.

Odder - Katherine Applegate 2022
Odder spends her days off the coast of central California, practicing her underwater acrobatics. But when this sea otter pup comes face-to-face with a hungry great white shark, her life takes a dramatic turn.

Home of the Brave - Katherine Applegate 2008
Kek, a Sudanese refugee, has moved to Minnesota to live with his aunt and cousin. Laugh and cry with Kek as he learns English and new ways of doing things.

Iveliz Explains It All -Andrea Beatriz Arango 2022
Iveliz has a promising seventh grade stretching out ahead of her, except it goes awry as she struggles with her mental health.
Something Like Home -Andrea Beatriz Arango 2023
Laura wants to live with her parents again. While staying at her aunt’s house is okay, it just isn’t the same. So when Laura finds a puppy, it feels like fate.

Caravan to the North: Misael’s Long Walk - Jorge Argueta, illustrated by Manuel Monroy, and translated by Elizabeth Bell
Misael and his family join the caravan heading north to the United States.

Borrowed Names: Poems About Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madam C.J. Walker, Marie Curie, and Their Daughters – Jeannine Atkins, 2012
HISTORICAL - The stories of three extraordinary women and their daughters.

Finding Wonders: Three Girls Who Changed Science – Jeannine Atkins, 2016
HISTORICAL - The stories of Maria Merian who discovered the truth about butterflies and metamorphosis, Mary Anning who discovered fossils and changed what people thought of the earth's history, and Maria Mitchell who discovered a new comet.

Grasping Mysteries: Girls Who Love Math – Jeannine Atkins, 2020
HISTORICAL - Caroline Herschel was the first woman to discover a comet. Florence Nightingale was a nurse whose work reformed hospitals and one of the founders of the field of medical statistics. The first female electrical engineer, Hertha Marks Ayrton registered twenty-six patents for her inventions. Marie Tharp helped create the first map of the entire ocean floor. Katherine Johnson calculated trajectories and launch windows for many NASA projects. Edna Lee Paisano was the first Native American to work full time for the Census Bureau, overseeing a large increase in American Indian and Alaskan Native representation. And Vera Rubin studied more than two hundred galaxies and found the first strong evidence for dark matter.

Hidden Powers, Lise Meitner’s Call to Science - Jeannine Atkins 2022
BIOGRAPHY - Lise Meitner earned a Ph.D. in physics, then became the first woman physics professor at the University of Berlin. Escaping the Nazis, she moved to Sweden. Her work led to the discovery of nuclear fission and changed history.

No Matter the Distance - Cindy Baldwin 2023
Penny, a girl with cystic fibrosis, finds a sick dolphin in the creek behind her house.

Magical Imperfect - Chris Baron 2021
HISTORICAL - Etan befriends Malia, a girl with a skin condition. He hopes the magical mud in his grandfather’s chest will cure her. Set against the backdrop of the 1989 World Series and San Francisco Earthquake.

All of Me - Chris Baron 2019
Ari is bullied because he is overweight, but that's not his only problem. He has moved to a new town and his parents' marriage is on the rocks.

Little Dog, Lost - Marion Dane Bauer 2012
Mark is a boy who needs a dog. Buddy is a dog that needs a boy. Mr. LaRue is a neighbor who needs a community.

Little Cat's Luck - Marion Dane Bauer 2016
Patches, an indoor cat, spots an autumn leaf floating down outside her window and goes to investigate.

Wishes, Dares, and How to Stand Up to a Bully - Darlene Beck-Jacobson 2020
HISTORICAL - Jack worries about his dad who is missing in action in Vietnam.

They Call Me Guero - David Bowles 2018
Guero navigates middle school in South Texas with his friends, Los Bobbys, his girlfriend Joanna, and his loving family.

They Call Her Fregona, A Border Kid's Poems - David Bowles 2022
“You can be my boyfriend.” It only takes five words to change Güero’s life as he starts a band with Los Bobbys. A companion to They Call Me Güero.

The Canyon’s Edge - Dusti Bowling 2020
Nora and her father are exploring a slot canyon deep in the Arizona desert. A flash flood rips across their path, sweeping away Nora's father and all of their supplies.

Flying in a Cage - Melody J. Bremen 2019
Ten-year-old Ivory copes with her autism by learning to play the piano.

Caminar – Skila Brown 2014
It's 1981 and Guatemala is in the midst of civil war. Word of rebel fighters has come to Carlos's Village, forcing him to flee.

Hugging the Rock - Susan Taylor Brown 2004
Rachel watches her family fall apart under the pressures caused by her mother's mental illness. When her father regains his footing, he takes an active role in helping Rachel put the pieces back together again.

Rez Dogs - Joseph Bruchac 2021
Malian stays with her grandparents on a Wabanaki reservation during the COVID-19 pandemic where she befriends a stray dog.

Pieces of Georgia - Jen Bryant 2005
Thirteen-year-old Georgia writes in her journal to deal with the death of her mother and her love of art.

Ringside, 1925: Views from the Scopes Trial - Jen Bryant 2008
HISTORICAL - In 1925, in Dayton Tennessee, J.T. Scopes, a science teacher is arrested for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution.

The Trial - Jen Bryant 2004
HISTORICAL - Twelve-year-old Katie Leigh witnesses the famous 1930's trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann, the man arrested for kidnapping the Lindbergh's baby.

Flooded: Requiem for Johnstown - Ann E. Burg 2020
HISTORICAL - When heavy rains came, a dam collapsed and plunged the city of Johnstown, PA into chaos. On that fateful day, six children found themselves caught in the floodwaters.

Unbound - Ann E. Burg 2016
HISTORICAL - Grace and her family flee slavery and seek sanctuary in the Great Dismal Swamp.

Serafina's Promise - Ann Burg, 2013
Serafina wants to go to school and become a doctor, but life in Haiti is plagued by natural disasters.

What Comes Next - Rob Buyea 2021
After Thea witnesses her friend’s death, she withdraws. Her family tries to help by adopting a dog and a new friend reaches out with sign language.

All The Broken Pieces - Ann Burg 2009
Although a caring family in America has adopted 12-year-old Matt Pin, he can't forget the terrible thing he lived through during the war in Vietnam.

Eva of the Farm - Dia Calhoun, illustrated by Kate Slater, 2012
Twelve-year-old Eva DeHart knows her family’s farm is the most magical place in the whole world, but when blight strikes the orchard and the bank forecloses on the farm, Eva must save it.

The Prisoner and the Writer - Heather Camlot, illustrated by Sophie Casson 2022
HISTORICAL - In 1895, Captain Alfred Dreyfus is accused of betraying France and exiled to a prison on Devil’s Island. Seven thousand miles away, the famous writer Emile Zola is convinced that Alfred is innocent.

Worst Case Collin - Rebecca Caprara 2021
Twelve-year-old Collin is always prepared for every possible disaster. Except for losing his mom in a car accident. His father grows distant and begins to hoard things throughout the house.

Sweetgrass Basket - Marlene Carvell 2005
HISTORICAL - Two Mohawk sisters, Mattie and Sarah, are sent away to the Carlisle Indian School near the turn of the 20th century.

This Journal Belongs to Ratchet - Nancy Cavanaugh 2013
Homeschooled Ratchet wishes she could be a normal girl with a friend instead of helping her tree-hugging dad fix cars. A mix of poems and essays.

Love, Love - Victoria Chang 2020
At school, ten-year-old Frances has a hard time fitting in. At home, her family is worried about her sister Clara's unusual illness. Frances sets out to find clues to Clara's condition and finds an ally on the tennis court.

Brushing Mom's Hair - Andrea Cheng, illustrated by Nicole Wong, 2009
Ann is fourteen when her mom is diagnosed with breast cancer. She dances and writes poetry and finds her way.

Shanghai Messenger - Andrea Cheng, illustrated by Ed Young, 2005
Eleven-year-old Xiao Mei travels from Ohio to visit her extended family in Shanghai.

Etched in Clay: The Life of Dave, Enslaved Potter and Poet - Andrea Cheng 2013
HISTORICAL, BIOGRAPHY - In South Carolina in the 1800s, Dave created jugs and jars on the potter's wheel. He also learned to read and write, even though laws prohibited it. Dave began to sign his work and carve short poems into his jars.

Where the Steps Were - written and illustrated by Andrea Cheng 2008
The third-graders in Mrs. D's class record their year at Pleasant Hill school—their last because the school will be torn down.

The Tune Without Words - Tina Cho, illustrated by Deborah Lee 2023
GRAPHIC NOVEL - Yuhno and Joo Ri escape from North Korea.

Zombierella: Fairy Tales Gone Bad - Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Freya Hartas 2020
Cinderella slips at the top of the stairs … and dies. But not for long. The Shadow of Death arrives to breathe life back into her bones and, for three nights only, Cinderella goes forth as ZOMBIERELLA.

Frankenstiltskin: Fairy Tales Gone Bad - Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Freya Hartas 2022
Bryony is a talented taxidermist, but after some accidental boasting and slight exaggeration from her dad, she is challenged with bringing the king’s dead animals back to life.

Rain Rising - Courtne Comrie 2022
Rain struggles with depression after her brother is beaten up at a party.

Frenchtown Summer - Robert Cornier 2001, Illustrated by David Krovitan
HISTORICAL - Set in 1944 in a French-Canadian town, 13-year-old Eugene hides a terrible secret about his uncle and a girl's murder.

Mina and the Whole Wide World - Sheryl Clark 2021
AUSTRALIAN - Mina wants her very own bedroom. But when Mina's family takes in an unexpected guest, a boy named Azzami, he gets her room.

Farm Kid - Sherryl Clark 2005
AUSTRALIAN - Life on the family farm is the only life Zack knows—blue skies, cows, hay, and the creek. But the drought could change everything.

Sixth Grade Style Queen (Not!) - Sherryl Clark 2007
AUSTRALIAN - All the grade 6 girls want to be super stylish--except Dawn. The problem is, that Dawn doesn't know what she wants, except for things to stay the same.

Motormouth - Sherryl Clark 2010
AUSTRALIAN - Chris has lost his best friend Dave. The new kid, Josh, is the envy of the class because of his racecar driving father. But Chris soon discovers that Josh is all talk.

One Big Open Sky - Lesa Cline-Ransome 2024
HISTORICAL - 1879, Mississippi. Lettie is on a covered wagon heading westward where her family can finally own their own land.

Heartbeat - Sharon Creech 2004
Annie, 12, takes great pleasure in running. Max runs to escape his personal problems. Annie learns that her mother is pregnant and her beloved Grandpa is slipping into dementia.

Love That Dog - Sharon Creech 2004
Jack discovers poetry, a pastime for girls, and grieves his beloved dog.

Hate That Cat - Sharon Creech 2008
More poems by Jack.

Moo - Sharon Creech 2016
Twelve-year-old Reena moves to rural Maine and meets Zora, a stubborn cow.

The Weight of Water - Sarah Crossan 2012
Twelve-year-old Kasienka immigrates from Poland to London and finds her estranged father.

Somewhere Among - Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu 2016
Eleven-year-old Ema has always summered in California for as long as she can remember, but this year she and her mother are staying with her grandparents in Japan as they await the arrival of Ema’s baby sibling.

Beyond Me - Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu 2020
It’s 2011 and an earthquake has shaken Japan. Eleven-year-old Maya is luckier than many—her family still has their home. Maya wishes she could help others, but aftershocks keep her hiding under a table.

My Life in the Fish Tank- Barbara Dee
When twelve-year-old Zinnia’s older brother is diagnosed with a mental illness, her parents want to keep it private. Prose and poems.

Turn the Tide - Elaine Dimopoulos 2022
When Mimi moves to Florida, she is shocked by the litter on the beaches. She starts a movement to ban plastic bags.

Hazard - Frances O'Roark Dowell 2022
Hazard is kicked off the football field when he makes a bad hit. Coach recommends therapy to deal with his anger stemming from his father's war wound.

Ode to a Nobody - Caroline Brooks DuBois 2022
Before the tornado, thirteen-year-old Quinn was happy escaping from her house, away from bickering parents and a genius older brother. After the storm, she struggles to find her way.

The Places We Sleep - Caroline DuBois 2020
HISTORICAL - It's September 2001, and twelve-year-old Abbey is the new kid at school. Again. She's used to it. Her father is in the Army. But Abbey's family--and the country--is shaken by 9/11.

Nearer My Freedom: The Interesting Life of Olaudah Equiano by Himself - Monica Edinger and Lesley Younge 2023
HISTORICAL BIOGRAPHY - The story of writer and abolitionist Equiano—his childhood in Africa, enslavement, liberation, and life as a free man told through “found verse.”

Detour Ahead - Pamela Ehrenberg and Tracy Lopez 2022
Gilah takes the public bus to school each morning where she befriends Guillermo.

Moonwalking - Zetta Elliott and Lyn Miller-Lachmann 2022
HISTORICAL - In the 1980’s Brooklyn, JJ, and Pie swap notes about music and art in school until a run-in with the cops threatens their friendship.

Singing with Elephants - Margarita Engle 2022
HISTORICAL - Oriol helps her parents care for animals at their vet clinic. When poet, Gabriela Mistral, moves to town Oriol is inspired to write.

With a Star in My Hand: Rubén Darío, Poetry Hero - Margarita Engle 2020
HISTORICAL BIOGRAPHY - As a boy, Rubén Darío loved to listen to his great uncle's stories. Later, Rubén traveled across Central and South America writing his own poems.

Dreams from Many Rivers: A Hispanic History of the United States Told in Poems - Margarita Engle illustrated by Beatriz Gutierrez Hernandez 2019
HISTORICAL - A history of Latinx and their contributions told in poems.

Forest World - Margarita Engle 2017
Edver is shipped off to Cuba to visit his father now that travel to the island is possible. Edver anticipates a long, boring summer ahead, but doesn't expect to meet Luza, his sister.

Lion Island, Cuba's Warrior of Words - Margarita Engle 2016
HISTORICAL - Antonio Chuffat, a young man of African, Chinese, and Cuban descent becomes a champion of civil rights.

Mountain Dog - Margarita Engle 2013
When Tony’s mother is sent to jail, he must stay with a great uncle he has never met and a search-and-rescue dog named Gabe.

The Wild Book - Margarita Engle 2012
Fefa struggles with reading, but when her mother gives her a book with no words in it, Fefa grows her own garden of words.

The Surrender Tree - Poems of Cuba's Struggle for Freedom - Margarita Engle 2008
HISTORICAL - Following Rosa's life from 1850 to 1899, this book tells of the struggles for Cuban independence.

Tropical Secrets - Holocaust Refugees in Cuba - Margarita Engle 2009
HISTORICAL - A complex tale narrated by a 13-year-old Jewish Refugee, Daniel, and 12-year-old Paloma, a Cuban girl whose father is the worst kind of criminal.

Moon Over Tennessee: A Boy's Civil War Journey - Craig Crist-Evans 1999
HISTORICAL - A boy's journey into war.

North of Everything - Craig Crist-Evans 2004
The unnamed boy moves from Florida to Vermont, where he gains a baby sister and loses his father to cancer.

We Belong - Cookie Hiponia Everman 2021
Stella and Luna’s mother tells them bedtime stories that blend Filipino myths and her own experience of immigrating to America.

Little Mermaid: (Or, How to Find Love Underwater) - J. M. Farkas 2021
A blackout poetry version of the classic fairy tale that reveals a tale of empowerment, body acceptance, and knowing where you belong.

Wave - Diana Farid, illustrated by Kris Goto 2022
Ava's eighth-grade year is as wavy as the surf when her best friend's cancer comes back.

Unsettled - Reem Faruqi 2021
At first, Nurah wants to blend in at her new school in Peachtree City, Georgia. But when she joins the swim team like her older brother, she wants to win medals. A bullying incident at the pool puts Nurah in a sink-or-swim situation.

Golden Girl - Reem Faruqi 2022
Seventh-grader, Aafiyah has a bad habit—she occasionally “borrows” sparkly things. But when her father is falsely accused of a crime, Aafiyah needs to do something to help.

Call Me Adnan- Reem Faruqi 2023
Adnan loves table tennis. He dreams of making it to the championships, and if he qualifies, he'll spend the Eid holiday with his cousins. But tragedy strikes.

Starfish - Lisa Fipps 2021
Eleven-year-old Ellie is bullied about her weight, not only by kids at school but also by her mother and siblings. With the help of a therapist and a good friend, Ellie stands up for herself.

And Then, Boom! - Lisa Fipps 2023
When his mother disappears, Joe and his grandmother find themselves without a home. Things fall apart again and Joe must fend for himself. He doesn’t tell anyone he’s on his own.

Scout - Christine Ford 2007
Cecelia and Redbud, both 11, are best friends who enjoy exploring the nature preserve because it takes their minds off an abusive father and a mother's recent death.

Alone- Megan E. Freeman 2021
When twelve-year-old Maddie plans a secret sleepover with her two best friends, she wakes up to a nightmare. She’s alone—left behind when her town was evacuated.

Everywhere Blue - Joanne Rossmassler Fritz 2021
When twelve-year-old Maddie's older brother vanishes from his college campus, she must unravel the mystery behind his disappearance.

Ruptured - Joanne Rossmassler Fritz 2023
On vacation with her parents, a thirteen-year-old girl learns a secret from her mother before her mom suffers a brain aneurysm rupture.

All He Knew - Hellen Frost 2020
HISTORICAL - Henry, a deaf boy, is labeled "unteachable" and sent away to live at an institution during the Second World War. This story was inspired by true events.

Blue Daisy - Helen Frost 2020
Sam and Katie want. the stray dog to like them. But they do something thoughtless, and after that, it's hard to make things right.

When My Sister Started Kissing - Hellen Frost 2017
Claire's family is spending the summer at the lake house like they usually do, but her sister is off chasing boys and her stepmom is expecting a baby.

Applesauce Weather - Hellen Frost, illustrated by Amy June Bates 2016
The first year without Aunt Lucy, Uncle Arthur has lost the twinkle in his eye. But Faith might be able to get him to tell stories again.

Salt - Hellen Frost 2013
HISTORICAL - Anikwa and James, twelve years old in 1812, spend their days fishing, trapping, and exploring Indiana Territory on the brink of war.

The Braid - Hellen Frost 2006
HISTORICAL - Evicted from the Western Isles of Scotland in 1850, sisters are torn apart. Jeannie moves to Canada with her parents while Sarah hides so she can stay behind with Grandma. Before they separate, the sisters braid their hair together and cut it off -- each keeping half.

Spinning Through the Universe - Hellen Frost 2004
Poems from a fifth-grade classroom. There is also a section on poetic forms in the back.

Diamond Willow - Hellen Frost 2008
Growing up in modern-day Alaska, 12-year-old Willow loves her sled dogs. On her way to her Athabascan grandparent's home, she stumbles on adventure and old family secrets. Poems are written in diamond shapes and messages are found within the bold words.

Hidden – Helen Frost 2011
Darra's father steals a minivan, not knowing that eight-year-old Wren is hiding in the back. The days that follow change the lives of both girls. Years later, the girls meet at camp.

Libertad - Alma Fullerton 2008
When Libertad's mother is killed in an accident at the Guatemalan city dump where the family picks trash, Libertad and his little brother make the trip to the United States to find their father.

The Song of US -Kate Fussner 2023
In this retelling of “Orpheus and Eurydice,” love at first sight isn’t a myth. Seventh graders, Eden and Olivia find each other as quickly as things fall apart.

Swimming Upstream - Kristine O’Connell George, illustrated by Debbie Tilley 2002
An unnamed girl must sink or swim in middle school.

A Slip of a Girl – Patricia Reilly Giff 2019
HISTORICAL - Anna's mother has died, and her older siblings have emigrated, leaving Anna and her father to care for a young sister with special needs. And though their family has worked this land for years, they're in danger of losing it as poor crop yields leave them without money to pay their rent.

The Final Year- Matt Goodfellow, illustrated by Joe Todd-Stanton 2023 BRITISH - Nate moves up from primary school where his best friend befriends the bully.

Reeni's Turn - Carol Coven Grannick 2020
Eleven-year-old Reeni is going to dance a solo for an important recital. Friends convince Reeni that a diet will give her self-confidence, but dieting disrupts Reeni's life.

Missing Mike - Shari Green 2018
Caera's home in Pine Grove is in the path of a wildfire, and her family evacuates. When her dog, Mike runs off they are forced to leave him behind.

Rootbeer Candy and Other Miracles - Shari Green 2016
Eleven-year-old Bailey longs for miracles. She and her brother are spending a month on an island with their grandmother where Bailey meets Daniel, a boy with cystic fibrosis, and thinks about things she can and cannot change.

Macy McMillian and the Rainbow Goddess - Shari Green 2017
The end of sixth grade is coming soon, and Macy's life will change forever. Her house is for sale. Her mother is getting remarried. She is getting twin stepsisters. And she is an elderly neighbor move.

Game Face - Shari Green 2023
Canadian - A story of big hockey dreams, anxiety, and friendship.

Game Changer - Tommy Greenwald 2018
Thirteen-year-old Teddy is in a coma fighting for his life after a football injury.

The Deepest Breath - Meg Grehan 2021
UK - Eleven-year-old Stevie reads a lot. She also knows lots about lots of things, and this helps her manage her anxiety. But Stevie doesn’t understand her crush on Chloe.

Planet Middle School - Nikki Grimes 2011
Twelve-year old Joy loves playing basketball with the boys, but Jake is suddenly acting weird and her other best friend has taken up flirting. Then there is Santiago. How far will Joy go to get him to notice her?

Garvey's Choice - Nikki Grimes 2016
Garvey is interested in astronomy, science fiction, reading—anything but sports. He is also overweight, teased by bullies, and lonely. When his only friend encourages him to join the school chorus, Garvey’s life changes.

Garvey in the Dark - Nikki Grimes 2022
Garvey’s finally happy—he’s got his dad and best friends, Manny and Joe, by his side. But with Covid, Garvey’s life goes into lockdown as well.

Words With Wings - Nikki Grimes 2013
Gabby is a daydreamer, and words let her imagination soar.

What is Goodbye? - Nikki Grimes, illustrated by Raul Colon 2004
Jerilyn and Jesse grieve the death of their older brother.

Hold Me Tight - Lorie Ann Grover 2005
Essie is only 12 but she has a lot to deal with: a pregnant mom, a leaving father, and a kidnapped classmate.

Loose Threads - Lorie Ann Grover 2002
Seventh-grader, Kay, is by her grandmother's side as she battles breast cancer.

On Pointe - Lorie Ann Grover 2004
Claire has a love for ballet and dreams of becoming part of the City Ballet Company when she is confronted with a family crisis.

Samira Surfs - Rukhsanna Guidroi, illustrated by Fahmida Azim 2021
Samira, an eleven-year-old Rohingya refugee living in Bangladesh, finds sisterhood with the surfer girls of Cox’s Bazar.

Reckless, Glorious Girl - Ellen Hagen 2021
The summer before seventh grade, Bea finds herself wanting more and wondering what the future will bring.

Catching a Storyfish - Janice N. Harrington 2016
Keet has moved from Alabama to Illinois where she must find a new friend and her voice.

Are You There, Buddha? - Pip Harry 2020
AUSTRALIAN - Bee just started high school as she gets used to her new blended family. A tribute to the Judy Blume classic, Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret?

The Little Wave - Pip Harry 2019
AUSTRALIAN - When his class visits the beach, Noah finds freedom in the waves. Lottie loves collecting facts about bugs. And Jack sees the ocean for the first time.

Grow - Juanita Havill 2008
Berneetha and Kate plant a community garden, but the lot is slated to become a parking garage.

Bird and Other Writings on Epilepsy - Susan Hawthorne 1999
AUSTRALIAN - Thirteen-year-old Avis loves gymnastics, but the adults in her life are holding her back due to her epilepsy.

Wolf and Dog - Sylvia Vanden Heede, illustrated by Marije Tolman 2009
DUTCH - Two cousins, Wolf and Dog, try to outsmart each other.

Rooster Summer - Robert Heidbreder, illustrated by Madeline Kloepper 2018
A brother and sister spend the summer on their grandparents’ farm.

Lion in the Sky - Ritu Hemnani 2024
HISTORICAL - Twelve-year-old Raj is happiest flying kites. When a line is drawn across the map of India — making it two countries — Raj’s family Forced to flee and become refugees.
Downtown Boy - Juan Felipe Herrera 2005
HISTORICAL - Juanito follows his migrant-worker parents from town to town in 1950s California, often getting into trouble with his cousins and friends along the way.

Tom Jones Saves the World - Steven Herrick 2002
AUSTRALIAN - Tom Jones used to live in a town where he knew everyone. Now his parents have bought a house in a safe gated community. With his new friend Cleo, they devise a plan to break free.

Do-Wrong Ron - Steven Herrick, illustrated by Caroline Magerl 2003
AUSTRALIAN - Looking for a funny novel in verse? Ron always says or does the wrong thing, but his heart is in the right place.

Naked Bunyip Dancing - Steven Herrick, illustrated by Beth Norling 2008
AUSTRALIAN - Another funny book from Herrick. The students in Mr. Carey's class learn what they are good at--Jason at kissing, Anna at yoga, and Peter at making his bottom talk.

Pookie Aleera is Not My Boyfriend - Steven Herrick 2012
AUSTRALIAN - The students in 6A keep Constable Dawe on his toes while learning the value of friendship.

Zoe, Max and the Bicycle Bus - Steven Herrick 2020
AUSTRALIAN - With their new teacher’s help, seven students in class 5D ride to school together in a bicycle bus.

Aleutian Sparrow - Karen Hesse 2005, illustrated by Evon Zerbetz
In 1942, Japanese forces attacked the Aleutian Islands. Within days, the natives were moved to relocation centers in Alaska where they endured illness and death. Vera survives to return home in April of 1945.

Out of the Dust - Karen Hesse 1997
HISTORICAL - Set in 1934 in Oklahoma, you are transported into 14-year-old Billie Jo's tragic life amid the dust storms.

Witness - Karen Hesse 1997
HISTORICAL - When the Ku Klux Klan moves into a quiet town in 1924 Vermont, everyone has something to say about it.

The Hope of Elephants - Amanda Rawson Hill 2022
Cass's father has cancer, but they are determined to make the most of life—especially the World Series. Cass might have inherited Li-Fraumeni syndrome, but she may not want to know for sure.

Full Cicada Moon - Marilyn Hilton 2015
HISTORICAL - Half-black, half-Japanese Mimi, moves to Vermont in 1969 and dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Brains for Lunch, A Zombie Novel in Haiku - K.A. Holt, illustrated by Gahan Wilson, 2010
Loeb, a zombie in middle school, has a crush on Siobhan, a human. Things get interesting when the librarian encourages Loeb to read his poetry on open mike night.

Rhyme Schemer - K.A. Holt, 2014
Kevin has a real knack for rubbing people the wrong way—and he’s even figured out a secret way to do it with poems. But what happens when the tables are turned and he is the one getting picked on?

House Arrest - K.A. Holt, 2015
After getting in trouble, Timothy navigates life with a sick brother, a grieving mother, and one tough probation officer.

Knockout - K.A. Holt, 2015
Levi loves boxing. But he hasn't told his overprotective mother.

Redwood and Ponytail - K.A. Holt, 2019
At first, Tam figures Kate is your stereotypical cheerleader; Kate sees Tam as another jock. But as they see past first impressions, they discover they have feelings for one another.

BenBee and the Teacher Griefer - K.A. Holt 2020
Meet the Kids Under the Stairs, they may have failed the F.A.R.T. (Florida State Assessment). BenBee bonds with his classmates over a dislike of reading and a love of a video game.

Ben Y and the Ghost Machine - K.A. Holt 2021
A Kids Under the Stairs novel. Ben Y’s brother has died and she writes him messages in an online game while the new kid, Ace, mixes things up.

Alias Anna: A True Story of Outwitting the Nazis - Susan Hood and Greg Dawson 2022
HISTORICAL - When the Germans invade Ukraine, the Nazis force Zhanna's family on a long, cold, death march. When a guard turns a blind eye, she flees.

Closer to Nowhere - Ellen Hopkins 2020
In this middle-grade novel, Hannah's life is disrupted when her cousin, Cal, moves in after his mom dies.

Been to Yesterdays: Poems of a Life - Lee Bennett Hopkins 1995
MEMOIR - It’s the 1950s and thirteen-year-old Lee witnesses racism, divorce, death, and poverty.

Addie on the Inside - James Howe, 2011
This novel is a companion to The Misfits and Totally Joe (so read them first) then read Addie’s poems from seventh grade as she struggles to find out who she really is and who she is going to become.

Fly - Alison Hughes 2022
Felix, a fourteen-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, is captivated by the chivalry. So when he fears that a school villain poses a danger to Daria, rescuing her must be his quest.

Wishes, Dares, and How to Stand Up to a Bully - Darlene Beck Jacobson 2020
Jack is worried about his father who missing in action in Vietnam. His family, new best friend, and a bully help Jack do the right thing.

Pauli Murray: The Life of a Pioneering Feminist and Civil Rights Activist - Terry Catasús Jennings and Rosita Stevens-Holsey 2022
BIOGRAPHY - Pauli, a queer civil rights and women's rights activist, conceptualized the arguments that would win Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka; and the arguments that won women equality in the workplace.

Every Shiny Thing - Cordelia Jensen and Laurie Morrison 2018
When Lauren’s parents send her brother to a school for teens on the autism spectrum and Sierra moves to a foster home in Lauren’s neighborhood, both girls are lost until they find each other. Told partially in verse.

Soul Moon Soup - Lindsay Lee Johnson 1998
When 11-year-old Phoebe Rose's father leaves, she and her mother are homeless.

My Name is Hamburger - Jacqueline Jules 2022
HISTORICAL - Trudie Hamburger is the only Jewish student at school in her small Southern town.

Shakespeare Bats Cleanup - Ron Koertge 2006
Baseball star, fourteen-year-old Kevin is forced to stay home sick with mono. He finds challenges in his father's book of poetry. Great examples of traditional poetic forms.

Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs - Ron Koertge 2010
More of Kevin's story.

To This Day: For the Bullied and Beautiful - Shane Koyczan 2014
Illustrated by 30 artists from around the world, this is the book version of Koyczan's passionate anti-bullying poem.

37 Days at Sea: Aboard the M.S. St. Louis 1939 - Barbara Krasner 2021
HISTORICAL - Ruthie is sailing to Cuba to escape the Nazis black home. But the ship is not allowed to dock in Havana as planned. Ruthie uncovers the truth about another passenger.

In the Beautiful Country - Jane Kuo 2022
Anna moves from Taiwan to America. Her new home is nothing like she expected.

Good Different - Meg Eden Kuyatt 2023
Selah, who is on the autism spectrum, follows her rules for being normal. Until she doesn’t.

Inside Out and Back Again - Thanhha Lai 2011
Ten-year-old Ha and her family are refugees from Vietnam during the war when they move to Alabama.

When Clouds Touch Us - Thanhhà Lai 2023
The sequel to Inside Out and Back Again.

Red White and Whole - Rajani LaRocca 2021
HISTORICAL - Thirteen-year-old Reha has her two lives—school and home—perfectly balanced until her mother is diagnosed with leukemia.

Mirror to Mirror - Rajani LaRocca 2023
Identical twins, Maya and Chaya, do everything together—until a secret pulls them apart.

Stay- Katherine Lawernce 2017
Millie is eleven when her dad is diagnosed with cancer and moves out of the house. And her mom already has a boyfriend.

A Work in Progress - Jerrett Lerner 2023
Will is the only round kid in a school full of string beans. Prose, verse, and illustration.

The Year of Goodbyes: A True Story of Friendship, Family and Farewells - Debbie Levy 2011
HISTORICAL - Jutta is only twelve in 1938 when her loved ones scatter in the wind on the brink of the Second World War.

Pirate Queens: Dauntless Women Who Dared to Rule the High Seas - Leigh Lewis 2021
NONFICTION - Meet women throughout history who were powerful pirates in their own right.

Deer Run Home - Ann Clare LeZotte 2024
Effie and her sister have recently moved into their father's trailer after an incident at their mom's house. But her dad doesn't speak sign language like Effie.

Hummingbird - Natalie Lloyd 2022
After being homeschooled because of osteogenesis imperfecta (otherwise known as brittle bone disease), Olive enrolls in middle school to make new friends.

The Road to After - Rebekah Lowell 2022
Lacey had been a prisoner in her own home, always following her father's rules. Out of his grasp, she learns to sketch the wide world around her.

For Black Girls Like Me - Mariama J. Lockington 2019
Eleven-year-old Makeda is adopted. She is black and her family is white. A novel told in a mix of prose and poems.

Up From The Sea - Leza Lowitz 2016
Kai loses nearly everyone and everything he cares about in the 2011 Tsunami. When he’s offered a trip to New York to meet kids whose lives were changed by 9/11, Kai looks for his estranged American father.

Laurie Tells - Linda Lowry 1994
An illustrated story about sexual abuse.

On the Horizon, World War II Reflections - Lois Lowry, illustrated by Kenard Pak 2020
HISTORICAL - A personal look at the tragedies of Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima.

Hummingbird Season - Stephanie V. W. Lucianovic 2024
Archie's life—and the whole world—is turned upside down by Covid-19.

Emmy in the Key of Code - Aimee Lucido 2019
Music and coding are important to Emmy and her new friend Abigail. But will their friendship last?

Recipe for Disaster - Aimee Lucido 2021
Hannah Malfa-Adler is Jew . . . ish. And when her friend has a Bat Mitzvah, Hannah plans to throw one for herself. But being Jewish is about much more than a fancy dress and a big party. A combination of prose, verse, and poetic-recipe elements.

Swan - Sidura Ludwig 2024
HISTOICAL - Anna, a girl from rural Nova Scotia in the mid-1800s, grew to be almost eight feet tall.

The Bird in Me Flies - Sara Lundberg 2020, translated by B.J. Epstein, illustrated by Sara Lundburg
SWEDISH/BIOGRAPHY - Berta dreams of being an artist, but as a girl growing up in a small Swedish farming village in the 1920s, she must find a little hope.

Odette’s Secrets – Maryann MacDonald 2013
HISTORICAL - Inspired by the real story of Odette Myers, a young Jewish girl living in Paris during the Nazi occupation. Her father enlists in the French army and her mother joins the Resistance, and Odette is sent to the countryside.

Star Jumps - Lorraine Marwood 2009
AUSTRALIAN - Ruby lives on a dairy farm, doing chores, and witnessing birth, death, and sacrifice. The family is devastated when they have to sell off some of their herd, but Ruby helps the family.

Leave Taking - Lorraine Marwood 2018
AUSTRALIAN - With the help of his dog, Toby says goodbye to all the special things and places on the family farm when his family moves away after the death of his sister.

Footprints on the Moon - Lorraine Marwood 2021
AUSTRALIAN/HISTORICAL - Men are going to walk on the moon, soldiers are dying in Vietnam, her grandmother is forgetting things, and Sharnie is starting high school.

Aniana del Mar Jumps In - Jasminne Mendez 2023
Aniana, who is diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, loves swimming, but her mother forbid it because of her brother’s drowning years ago.

Breakout - Kate Messner 2018
Told in letters text messages, news stories, and poems by three girls. Nora reports on the prison breakout that rocks their town, Lizzie parodies these reports, and Elidee writes poetry.

The Lost Language - Claudia Mills 2021
Sixth-grader Betsy and her best friend Lizard embark on a quest to learn as much as possible of the near-extinct language of Guernésiais spoken on an island off the coast of France. But can they save a lost friendship too?

Wider Than The Sea – Serena Molloy illustrated by George Ermos 2023
UK - Ró finds school impossible. She knows people think she's shy - and stupid. But when she befriends a dolphin, she finds the strength to keep going.

The Voyage of the Arctic Tern - Hugh Montgomery 2002, illustrated by Nick Poulis
HISTORICAL - A spine-tingling tale of pirates, ghost ships, and mystery.

Sister Heart - Sally Morgan 2016
AUSTRALIAN HISTORICAL - A young Aboriginal girl from the Stolen Generation is taken from the north of Australia and sent to an institution far away.

It Rained Warm Bread: Moishe Moskowitz's Story of Hope - Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet and Hope Anita Smith, illustrated by Lea Lyon
HISTORICAL/BIOGRAPHY - Moishe's family is broken, uprooted, and scattered across labor and concentration camps. Just as hope begins to dim, a simple act of kindness redeemed his faith. That was the day it rained warm bread.

Pearl Verses The World - Sally Murphy, illustrated by Heather Potter 2011
AUSTRALIAN - Pearl doesn't feel particularly rhymey when her grandmother passes away.

Roses are Blue - Sally Murphy 2014
AUSTRALIAN - Amber Rose and her family are dealing with tragedy, change, and a new mum.

Toppling - Sally Murphy, illustrated by Rhian Nest James 2012
AUSTRALIAN - John loves the sound of dominoes toppling over, but when his friend, Dom, gets sick and ends up in the hospital, it feels like more than just dominoes are falling over.

Worse Things - Sally Murphy 2021
AUSTRALIAN - Jolene hates hockey but is forced to play. Blake loves football but an injury keeps him sidelined. Soccer-enthusiast, Amed, would love to be on the team.

Dust of Eden – Mariko Nagai 2014
In 1942, Mina and her Japanese-American family are sent to an internment camp in Idaho.

Under a Broken Sky - Mariko Nagai
HISTORICAL - When Natsu's father is drafted by the Japanese army to fight in WWII, she and her younger sister are left alone and must flee their village. Fearing for her sister's life, Natsu first sells her sister, then works to bring her back.

American Ace - Marylin Nelson 2016
Connor finds out that the man who raised his Dad was not his birth father, and the only clues to the man's identity are a class ring and a pair of pilot’s wings.

Carver, A Life in Poems - Marilyn Nelson 2001, with photographs
BIOGRAPHY/HISTORICAL - The life of George Washington Carver (1864-1943) educator and botanist.

Fortune's Bones: The Manumission Requiem - Marylin Nelson 2004
NONFICTION – Poetry and historical documents about a slave named Fortune and his skeleton that was kept by his Master.

Siege: How General Washington Kicked the British Out of Boston and Launched a Revolution - Roxane Orgill 2018
NONFICTION – It is the summer of 1775. The British occupy Boston The threat of smallpox looms, and the town is cut off, even from food supplies. Congress elects George Washington commander in chief of the American armed forces.

Swallow’s Dance - Wendy Orr 2019
HISTORICAL - In 1625 BCE, Leira is learning to be a priestess when her world is turned upside down by an earthquake. Prose with poems.

Dragonfly Song - Wendy Orr 2020v
HISTORICAL - Born with extra thumbs during the Bronze Age, Aissa is known as the bad-luck child. But the yearly lottery for bull-riders might give her a second chance. Prose with poems.

Cuckoo’s Flight - Wendy Orr 2021
HISTORICAL - Clio’s actions set forth a chain of events with dire consequences. Prose with poems.

The One Thing You’d Save - Linda Sue Park 2021
Ms. Chang's class shares what they would save in a fire.

Becoming Muhammad Ali - James Patterson and Kwame Alexander 2020
BIOGRAPHY - Cassius struggles in school, faces racism, and discovers boxing.

Kodiak & The Un-Hunted Place: A Malamute Battles a Coyote for the Heart, Soul, & Future of the World - Ryan Petty, illustrated by Vera Kulikov 2021
INDIE - A dog defends his yard from a coyote.

The Red Pencil - Andrea Davis Pinkney 2015
After losing nearly everything in her village in Sudan, Amira walks to the safety of a refugee camp. (Ages 9 - 12)

I am Kavi - Thushanthi Ponweera 2023
HISTORICAL - Set in the 1990s against a backdrop of the Sri Lankan Civil War. Ten-year-old Kavi has a new family, a new school, and new friends after she moves to the city.

The Crazy Man - Pamela Porter 2005
Emaline, 12, is maimed in a freak farm accident. Her father shoots the dog and storms off and doesn't return. Her mother, in need of help around the farm, takes in Angus, a gentle giant from the mental hospital.

Bury the Moon - Andrée Poulin, illustrated by Sonali Zohra 2021
Latika’s village and school don’t have toilets. She has a mind to change that.

Mermaids and Other Signs of Life - Bobbie Pyron 2023
A fifth-grader sees a therapist for depression and struggles with how to share this with her friends.

Red Bird Danced - Dawn Quigley 2023

A Bit of Earth - Karuna Riazi 2022
A contemporary retelling of The Secret Garden. A rebellious girl is sent to Long Island after losing both her parents.

May B. - Caroline Starr Rose 2012
HISTORICAL - Twelve-year-old May is helping out on a neighbor's Kansas prairie homestead, fifteen miles from home. May gets trapped all alone by a blizzard without any way to let her family know and no neighbors to turn to.

Blue Birds - Caroline Starr Rose 2015
HISTORICAL - It's 1587 on Roanoke island in the New World, Alis meets and befriends Kimi, a Roanoke girl about her age. Though the two don’t even speak the same language, they form a special bond.

Fire Finder - Caroline Starr Rose 2024
Opal lives in a lookout fire tower in New Mexico's wilderness, but she's afraid of fire.

Running with Trains - Michael J. Rosen 2012
HISTORICAL - It's 1969 and Perry is a frequent passenger on the train that crosses Steve's family farm. The two meet in an incident that will change both of them forever.

Looking for Me - Betsy R. Rosenthal 2012
HISTORICAL - One of twelve children, Edith struggles to find her identity.

Isabel in Bloom – Mae Respicio 2024
Isabel joins a gardening and cooking club to make friends after she moves to San Francisco from the Philippines.

Bartholomew Biddle and the Very Big Wind – Gary Ross, illustrated by Matthew Myers 2012
Bart catches a strong wind in his bedsheet and soars above his town, meets a band of pirates, and visits a prep school before landing in a cove where the wind doesn’t blow.

Serendipity and Me – Judith Roth 2013
Middle schooler, Sara, adopts a kitten to help her family heal from a devastating loss.

Yellow Star - Jennifer Roy 2006
HISTORICAL NON-FICTION - Twelve children survived the Lodz Ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland. Sylvia was one of them. This is her true story as she told it to her niece.

Little Light - Coral Rumble 2021
UK - After her parents' divorce, Ava moves to a small flat with her twin brothers.

House Without Walls - Ching Yeung Russell 2019
HISTORICAL- Eleven-year-old Lam escapes from Vietnam during the Vietnamese Boat People Exodus in 1979. Dangerous encounters with pirates, a lack of food and water, and the stench of a dead body onboard have Lam wishing for dry land. When they finally arrive at a refugee camp, Lam befriends Dao.

Kareem Between - Shifa Saltagi Safadi 2024
Kareem has fumbled his tryout for the football team, and volunteered to show the new kid – a Syrian refugee with an accent – around school.

A Seed in the Sun - Aida Salazar 2022
HISTORICAL - In the 1960s, Lula works the grape harvest, takes care of her siblings and her ill mother, and avoids her father's temper. She meets activist Dolores Huerta who is fighting for the rights of farm workers.

The Moon Within - Aida Salazar 2019
Bomba dancer, Celi is turning twelve and isn't looking forward to getting her period — especially because her mother will be hosting a moon ceremony to celebrate. Celi must also deal with her first crush and her best friend's first steps toward being genderfluid.

Land of the Cranes - Aida Salazar 2020
Nine-year-old Betita's father is arrested by ICE and deported to Mexico. Betita and her pregnant mother are left behind, but soon they too are detained in a family detention camp outside of Los Angeles.

Ultraviolet - Aida Salazar 2024
Elio's Pops is always telling him to man up. When he does, a fight involving his girlfriend leads to dire consequences.

Blood Brothers - Rob Sanders
HISTORICAL - Set during the first decade of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Calvin and his brothers are hemophiliacs. Their Florida town turns against them.

Eddie's War - Carol Fisher Saller 2011
HISTORICAL - World War II suddenly feels much closer to Ellisville, Illinois when Eddie's big brother enlists.

Bindi - Kirlie Saunders 2021
AUSTRALIAN - Bindi loves art class, hockey, and adventuring outside on her horse, Nell. Her year is off to a terrible start, including a huge art assignment, a drought, a broken wrist, and dangerous bushfires.

The Criminal Life of Effie O - Sam Savage, illustrated by Virginia Beverly 2005
HISTORICAL - Bored with the suburban and sheltered life That her mom wants, Effie runs away to the city.

Bibsy Cross and the Bad Apple - Liz Garton Scanlon, illustrated by Dung Ho 2023
CHAPTER BOOK SERIES: Bisby navigates a relationship with her teacher, who thinks that Bibsy is a bit too much.

Louder Than Hunger - John Schu 2024
Jake likes helping people, skating and singing, playing Bingo, and reading comics. He doesn't like people his own age, mirrors, and food. He has anorexia nervosa.

Judy Scuppernog - Brenda Seabrook 1990
HISTORICAL - Three friends meet in 1950's Georgia.

Under the Pear Tree - Brenda Seabrook 1997
HISTORICAL - The continued story of Stacy, Deanna, and Lala in 1950's Georgia.

Amber and Clay - Laura Amy Schlitz, illustrated by Julia Iredale 2021
HISTORICAL - Rhaskos, a stable boy, and Melisto, an aristocrat, form a bond that extends beyond their lives in Ancient Greece. Told partly in verse and partly in prose.

Louder Than Hunger - John Schu 2023
A fictionalized account of the author's experiences living in residential treatment facilities due to an eating disorder.

The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary - Laura Shovan 2016
With bulldozers parked outside Ms. Hill's classroom, students write poems to make their voices heard.

Ebb and Flow - Heather Smith, 2018
Jett recounts the year he befriended a troubled boy in his grade.

The Way the Door Closes - Hope Anita Smith, illustrated by Shane W. Evans 2003
Thirteen-year-old C.J. witnesses his father losing his job and walking out the door. A story of extended family and hard times.

Keeping the Night Watch - Hope Anita Smith, illustrated by E. B. Lewis 2008
C.J.'s story continues.

Red Butterfly - A.L. Sonnichsen, illustrated by Amy June Bates 2015
Kara, a modern-day Chinese girl, is abandoned by her birth mother and taken in by an American woman.

When You Know What I Know - Sonja K. Solter 2020
One day after school, on the couch in the basement, Uncle Andy did something bad. Now Tori finds herself battling mixed emotions as she deals with the trauma of abuse.

Fearless Fernie: Hanging Out with Fernie and Me - Garry Soto 2002
A story of friendship that begins at birth and continues through the trials of sixth grade.

World's Apart: Fernie and Me - Garry Soto 2005
Travel the world with Fernie and his friend.

Birdie - Eileen Spinelli 2019
Birdie moves to a new town after her father dies. Here she must learn to navigate old people, her mother's new relationship, new friendships, and a crush.

Another Day as Emily - Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff 2014
Eleven-year-old Suzy sees a kindred spirit in Emily Dickinson, the subject of her summer project, and emulates the poet's life of solitude.

Dancing Pancake - Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff 2011
Eleven-year-old Bindy and her family--along with a cast of cousins and classmates--struggle through the recession with the support of the community that surrounds their new restaurant.

Summerhouse Time - Eileen Spinelli 2008
Laugh and cry as Sophie, her extended family, and her cat, Orange, rent a summerhouse on the beach for August.

Where I Live - Eileen Spinelli 2007
Another one I just love! Diana loves where she lives, especially her best friend, Rose. But moving changes everything.

Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie - Julie Sternberg, illustrated by Matthew Cordell 2012
Eleanor's favorite babysitter moves away and she has to face the summer without her.

Like Bug Juice on a Burger - Julie Sternberg, illustrated by Matthew Cordell 2013
Eleanor is off to Camp Wallumwahpuck this summer.

Carrot Juice on a Cupcake - Julie Sternberg, illustrated by Matthew Cordell 2014
Eleanor and her best friend, Pearl, have a new student in their class and Eleanor has a part in the school play.

Miles from Motown - Lisa Sukenic 2021
HISTORICAL - Georgia moves to Southfield, Michigan. So she no longer qualifies to enter the Spirit of Detroit Poetry Contest. She enters anyway.

Deep Water - Jamie Sumner 2024
Tully braves the waters of Lake Tahoe to break the record for the youngest person ever to complete the famous “Godfather swim.”

The Lonely Ones - Kelsey Sutton 2016
Fain escapes from reality into a fantasy world she rules as Queen of monstrous creatures.

Forget Me Not - Ellie Terry, coming 2017
Calliope struggles to keep her Torrette Syndrome in check while she navigates new friendships.

Almost Forever - Maria Testa 2007
HISTORICAL - In 1967, a girl says goodbye to her father as he goes off to fight the Vietnam War.

Becoming Joe DiMaggio - Maria Testa 2005, Illustrated by Scott Hunt
HISTORICAL - Growing up listening to the triumphs of Joe DiMaggio on the radio, Joseph Paul learns to dream.

Something About America - Maria Testa 2005
The 13-year-old narrator comes to America to escape the war in Kosovo where she was burned.

Falling into the Dragon's Mouth - Holly Thompson, illustrated by Matt Huynh, 2016
Jason is an American sixth grader living in Japan. Bullied by his classmates, he finds refuge in the practice of Aikido.

The Colors of the Rain - RL Toalson 2018
HISTORICAL - Ten-year-old Paulie Sanders's daddy killed a man. Paulie, Mama, and Charlie move in with their Aunt Bee. But it’s 1972, and Paulie's new school is in the middle of desegregation.

Murray Out of Water - Taylor Tracy 2024
FANTASY - Murray loves the ocean. Though she can’t explain the magic, she can become one with the ocean and all its creatures. But a hurricane forces her family to move away from the coast.

For to See the Elephant - Tammi Truax 2019
INDIE/HISTORICAL - In 1795, a ship carrying an enslaved boy and an elephant arrives in New York City. The two are sold together, destined to spend their lives traveling the country.

Enemies in the Orchard - Dana VanderLugt 2023
HISTORICAL - A friendship grows between an American girl and a young German POW hired to work on her family's Michigan apple farm during WWII.

Thirty Talks Weird Love - Alessandra Narváez Varela 2021
HISTORICAL - In Ciudad Juarez in 1999, thirteen-year-old Anamaria runs into her 30-year-old self while in the bathroom at a movie theater.

Unsinkable Cayenne- Jessica Vitalis 2024
HISTORICAL - Set in the 1980s, Cayenne's family move from place to place, living in their van. As Cayenne enters seventh grade, her parents decide to settle down.

Won Ton, a Cat Tale Told in Haiku - Lee Wardlaw, illustrated by Eugene Yelchin 2012
For cat lovers of all ages, this illustrated picture book is told with lots of voice (and haiku).

Won Ton and Chopstick, a Cat and Dog Tale Told in Haiku - Lee Wardlaw, illustrated by Eugene Yelchin 2014
Won Ton's purrfect life with his boy is changed forever when the family adopts a (gasp!) dog.

Other Words For Home - Jasmine Warga 2019
Jude and her mother move to Cincinnati to live with relatives, leaving her father and older brother behind in Syria. Middle school in America isn’t like what Jude has seen in movies, but maybe she can find a new home in this new place.

Mascot - Charles Waters and Traci Sorrel 2023
A middle school English class examines the racist mascot belonging to the local high school. Told in many voices.

Girl Coming in for a Landing - April Halprin Wayland, illustrated by Elaine Clayton 2004
One of my favorites! Between fall and spring, the main character goes from an imaginary boyfriend to a real one to the loss of that boyfriend.

Zorgamazoo - Robert Paul Weston 2008
Part Roald Dahl, part Dr. Seuss, this rhyming novel tells the story of Katrina, Morty, and the missing Zorgles.

Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff - Robert Paul Weston 2013
Another part Roald Dahl, part Dr. Seuss, rhyming novel from Weston.

You Can Fly: The Tuskegee Airmen - Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Jeffery Boston Weatherford 2016
NONFICTION - The story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the pioneering African-American pilots of WWII.

Kin: Rooted in Hope - Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Jeffery Boston Weatherford 2023
HISTORICAL - Hear the voices of the author's relatives who were enslaved at the Wye House in Maryland for generations.

If the Shoe Fits: Voices From Cinderella - Laura Whipple illustrated by Laura Beingessner 2002
Hear from the cast of Cinderella, including the glass slipper.

The In-Between - Katie Wingate 2023
MEMOIR - In the early 2000s, thirteen-year-old Katie her family must start over after losing their home. They move into a hotel.

Mid-Air - Alicia D. Williams 2024
Isaiah and Drew grieve the death of their friend Darius the summer before high school.

Gone Fishing - Tamara Will Wissinger, illustrated by Matthew Cordell 2015
Siblings Sam and Lucy embark on a fishing adventure.

Gone Camping - Tamara Will Wissinger, illustrated by Matthew Cordell 2017
Siblings Sam and Lucy are off on a camping trip with Grandpa.

Minn and Jake - Janet S. Wong, illustrated by Genvieve Cote 2008
Tall Minn and small Jake are fifth-graders that form a friendship even though they reject each other at first sight.

Minn and Jake's Almost Terrible Summer - Janet S. Wong, illustrated by Genvieve Cote 2008
Now ten, Minn and Jake must spend the summer apart--until Minn visits Jake in L.A. and makes things worse.

When Winter Robeson Came - Brenda Woods 2022
HISTORICAL - It's 1965 and Eden's cousin, Winter, comes to visit her in L.A. just as the Watts Riots erupt. Winter has an agenda: to find out what happened to his dad who disappeared ten years ago.

Running Back to Ludie - Jacqueline Woodson 2001
The unnamed narrator meets her mother for the first time.

Locomotion - Jacqueline Woodson 2004
Lonnie Collins Motion is a New York City fifth-grader who lost his parents in a house fire.

Brown Girl Dreaming - Jacqueline Woodson 2014
MEMOIR/HISTORICAL - Woodson's love of stories created the first sparks of the writer she was to become.

Little Green, Growing up During the Chinese Cultural Revolution - Chun Yu, with photos 2005
MEMOIR/HISTORICAL - Xiao Qing is ten when Chairman Mao dies and her family experiences the upheaval of the revolution firsthand.

42 Miles - Tracie Vaughn Zimmer 2008
JoEllen is turning 13 and it's time to take a stand. She's tired of the 42 miles that divide her life into that of both the city mouse and country mouse.

Reaching for the Sun - Tracie Vaughn Zimmer 2007
Another favorite! Bulldozers are carving up Josie's farm as she tries to concentrate on the complexities of 7th grade. Josie has cerebral palsy, a loving grandmother, a neighbor boy, and problems with her mom.

Star Child - Ibi Zoboi
BIOGRAPHY - Octavia Butler penned her first novel at age ten and went on to make “imagination her life’s mission.” Verse, prose, and quotes.