Nonfiction Titles About Novels In Verse

A selection of titles about writing, reading, and teaching novels in verse, as well as history of the form.

nonfiction books about verse novels

The Verse Novel in Young Adult Literature - Brenna Friesner 2017
Examining more than 120 titles, this book discusses the history of verse novels, analyzes key works, and comments on how form deals with content.

Novels in Verse for Teens : A Guidebook with Activities for Teachers and Librarians - Lisa Krok 2020
Verse novels of great value to teachers and librarians as a way of reaching all teens, including marginalized teens and those who may be struggling or reluctant readers. This guide shows readers how to pair books with teens based on their needs, interests, and specific situations. After teens are paired with books, this guide suggests activities to further engage them with the poetry. Activities are tied to Common Core and AASL standards for ease of lesson planning for teachers.

The Victorian Verse-Novel: Aspiring to Life - Stefanie Markovits 2017
UK - Victorian poets were challenging norms and experimenting with many of the revolutionary formal tactics that we associate with modernism.

Inside the Verse Novel: Writers on Writing - Linda Weste 2020
In these twenty-two interviews with verse novelists from the UK, USA, Australia and Canada, Linda Weste explores the uniqueness of storytelling through poetry and the genre of the verse novel.

The Verse Novel : Australia & New Zealand - Linda Weste 2022
This book continues the body of interviews about verse novel poetics with a regional and cross-category focus. It features 35 authors from Australia, Aotearoa-New Zealand and the Pacific.