Custom Breyer Stablemate to mule Buckskin Molly Model horse by Sarah Tregay

Gracie $165 (ON HOLD)

Gracie is a buckskin molly mule. She is loping with her ears and kind brwon eyes focused on the task at hand. He has primative markings, including a dorsal stripe, shoulder bars, and leg bars. She is a complete reculpt from her horsey roots as a loping QH Breyer Stablemate with a trotting Draft horse head, from her new long ears and roached mane, to her chunky barrel and shorter hip, to her slight tail and resculpted feet. Show her in halter or performance or display her as a unique addition to your custom collection.
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Custom mini Model horse by Sarah Tregay

Sol de Oro - SOLD

This palomino Lusitano or Andalusian/PRE stallion in stunning gold will canter into your heart. He has two socks and a star with the sweetest look in his brown eyes. He has the long mane and swooping tail fit for his breeding. He is on the Mirado mold from the talented sculptor Maggie Bennet with a little face and mane resculpting for a true Spanish look.
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Custom mini resin Model horse by Sarah Tregay

Annie $115

A Chestnut Thoroughbred filly on the Wee Little One Resin by Kelly Sealey, this Stablemate-scale sweetie is curled up. She has two hind socks with a stripe and a pink nose. Perfect for that little spot on your shelves or the sport foals class in the resin division. Please click on photo for more pics.

Custom mini  Model horse by Sarah Tregay

Skedaddle $65

A brilliant red sorrel in firey tones with a blonde mane and tail. Three socks and an intricate stripe highlight this stallion's coat. Show as a Morgan or other light breed on the lovely Breyer Stablemate Cantering Morgan by Laura Skillern Sailer.
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Custom mini Model horse by Sarah Tregay

Minuet - SOLD

Minuet is a bay pinto filly with two blue eyes. Careful, this cutie will steal your heart as she plays with her yoga ball.
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Draft/Vanner Type Project Horse $12

This chonky boy is a Kathleen Moody drafter that has been in my studio far too long. He is customized to be rearing and has a new mane and tail. He still needs some prepping and a coat of paint. Nice stablemate-size project for an artist with a great color idea!

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